Cat Behavior- Why Cats Scratch on the Things?

Is Scratching Normal in Cat’s Behavior?

Every animal has its own habits. A dog like playing with a ball. A cat likes playing with wool. That habits depend upon the behavior of that animal. The cat behavior includes many things like aggressiveness, hunting habits, playing habits etc. There is a habit which is shown by every domestic cat i.e. “scratching”.Cats have sharp nails and a tendency to hunt preys. So it’s natural for them to scratch.

For cats, it’s only a natural behavior which is known as the cat behavior. It is the primal behavior of the cats. As a pet lover, there is a question we always ask to ourselves that Why cats like scratching? Today we are going to tell you about why, when and how cats scratch on the things. They have sharp claws and clever mind.

●    What they scratch?

Cat Behavior

The answer to this question depends on you. Where your cat stays, its whether indoors or outdoors. The Wildcats like to scratch on logs. They do so because they want to scratch the mark as their territory on that place.

On the other place, the domestic cats like to scratch on the furniture, sofas, carpets etc. Sometimes they scratch on the walls too. Actually scratching is the main part of the cat behavior.

●    Why they scratch?

According to some doctors, cat scratches because of many reasons.

Scratching helps to release the stress from them. Sometimes they scratch just to do exercise or to move its body parts. Scratching helps to increase the metabolism in the cat’s body and keeps them healthy. Sometimes they mark their territories with the help of scratching. Sometimes they only scratch on the specific spot every time.  It is a strange part of the cat behavior. Sometimes they forget their places so they always scratch on their favorite places to mark on them to never forget about those places.

●    How to teach them where to scratch?

The cats which always stays in indoors with you are the less aggressive cats. They spend their time with their owners. They show the cat habits in indoors. They scratch and makes marks on the places they like. So it depends on the owners that how they want to teach their cats. You can provide them with some boards and posters so that they can practice the scratches on those things and after performing scratching they will feel tired and then your furniture and the walls will be saved. Provide them some woolen balls so that they can spend time with it and they will never scratch on your precious things.

Cat Behavior

Aside from their normal cat behavior, sometimes they show violent behavior on someone. There are the times when the cat attacks on the people and scratch on them. This is not a usual cat habit. According to a study on cats, they become violent when they feel terror and they want to defend themselves. When they look at any suspicious person, they start scratching on him/her. This thing can be cure by showing them love and care.

So next time your cat starts scratching, start remembering the above points and never think that scratching is an unusual cat behavior.

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