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Cat Tree

Are you searching best Cat Tree Furniture for your Cat?

Cat’s daily activities are very important for cat’s growth. Pets have long been very significant with us as they fulfill our wide range of needs. Cats are in habit of scratching on something to help them keep their nails sharp. Good quality of Cat Tree Furniture is very important same as beds or feeding bowls. It provides your cats with climbs, scratch, stretches and sharpens its own nails. So, Instead of scratching on furniture or on curtains, this product is the best option for your cats. Varieties of Cat Tree Furniture are available Online. 

As soon as your cat is used to having its own furniture to play and sleep on, it will become a well-used and important part of a cat’s daily life. And other furniture, carpets, and curtains will be safe from those sharp nails of cats.

Cat Tree

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Product Descriptions:

  • 4 Colors available in Cat Tree Furniture- beige, black, blue and brown.
  • Overall Size is 38-inch W/27-inch L/62-inch H
  • Base Board Size: 26 W x 19 L inches
  • Size of Condo: 10.5 inches Dia x 12.5 inch H
  • Size of Top Branch: 13.25 inch W x 13.25 inch L x 2.75 inch H

Cat Tree Product Particulars:

  • A Cat Tree Furniture can indorse exercise, helping your kitten a perfect place to climb up and down, run around and helps to be fit and active.
  • This has enough of sisal rope enclosed poles to keep your cat from scrabbling your furniture.
  • It also provides many branches and baskets for your cat to nap with covering of soft faux fur.
  • Cat Tree Furniture is Made of Flattened wood.
  • Easy to accumulate with step by step directions and tools are available in the Pack.
  • Product measurements are 27 x 38 x 62 inches; 42 pounds

My recommendation is that Cat Tree is one of the best options for those who have pets. Cats love to spend lots of time, playing and sleeping on it. Cat Tree Furniture is secured as well as wood plates are screwed well. The whole structure is totally safe and easy to carry in any place.

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