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What Cats Do All Day – Explain A Cat’s Day Routine

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We understand how painful it is to leave behind your furry friend at home every day while going to work. That’s the irony of life and you really need to go out and earn your living to ensure a comfortable life for both of you. But we bet you often think about what do cats […]

Tips Of Grooming Your Kitty Using The Right Products

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A good grooming session never fails to rejuvenate us and this also holds true in the case of our four-legged felines. Cats are extremely fastidious by nature and you are bound to have seen your kitty licking herself clean ‘n’ number of times a day. Although they can very well take care of themselves for […]

The Real Reason Why Your Four-Legged Friend Is Feeling Down

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If you think that humans are the only ones who suffer from depression, then it’s time to reconsider your notion as our feline friends also fall prey to the same. Cats are highly perceptive and can easily react to changes in their surrounding environment. Cats nature might be triggered by something as trivial as kitty […]

Common Cat Behavior Problems And How To Resolve Them

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Cats can be extremely mysterious creatures who love to play by their own rules. Although their antics might seem spiteful or naughty at times, in most of the cases they are simply trying to adapt to the environment. Whether they are boycotting the litter box all of a sudden or finding your new couch irresistible, […]

Types of Cat Health Supplements And Their Role In Regulating Your Felines Health

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The secret of a happy cat lies in its healthy diet and that is where cat health supplements come in to cater to the mineral shortfalls of our ‘pawsome’ friends. Cats who are fed a high-quality diet won’t require the backing of any extra supplement which becomes extremely necessary in cases of nutrient deficiency and […]

How To Identify The Best Cat Food For Your Cat

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Cat owners always wish to keep their favorite felines brimming with good health. Adhering to a high-grade diet can serve as the best means of doing the same. However, it is not very easy to find the right food which can cater to the health needs of your four-legged friend in an optimal manner. When […]

Tips Of Training Your Cat To Use Different Cat Accessories


What are Cat Accessories Usage Tips? You need to take baby steps while training your cat by discouraging bad behavior and rewarding the good ones. Given their highly independent nature, cats might seem to be a bit aloof in abiding by your commands. However, you can influence their behavior by displaying constant perseverance whether you […]

Cat Health – Everything You Need To Know About Obesity In Cats And Tips To Ward Off The Same

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Why Cat Health is Important and How to Ward Off? Excess deposition of fat can bring detrimental effects on your cat’s health by reducing its lifespan and tagging along serious disorders. This is why it is mandatory to seek out the help of your veterinarian if your cat gains excessive weight. Usually, felines are segregated […]

Best Christmas Gifts For Your Feline This Christmas

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Christmas Gifts For Cats Although our cats might not understand the real reason behind the fuss we make during the holiday season, they are nothing short of our family which makes us want to include them in all the festivities. Cats as a matter of fact like everything whether you gift them a new scratching […]

Best Cat Products for Your Feline

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What is the Cat Products Available Online? Nowadays, as everything can be found online, there are many people who get confused about which product is the best for their lovely cats. It is natural that you tend to get confused when there is an array of cat products online. So, in order to clear all […]