The Real Reason Why Your Four-Legged Friend Is Feeling Down

Cat Nature - Why Cat's feeling Down

If you think that humans are the only ones who suffer from depression, then it’s time to reconsider your notion as our feline friends also fall prey to the same. Cats are highly perceptive and can easily react to changes in their surrounding environment. Cats nature might be triggered by something as trivial as kitty litter or food to situations of grave importance such as shifting or death.


None of us want our feline friends to feel gloomy but at times we feel helpless seeing them all depressed. Although every cat has a varying set of personality wherein some might be more outgoing than others, it is typically against the cat’s nature to get quiet and reserved all of a sudden. Today we are going to discuss the reasons which might be depressing your kitty.

Lack Of Adequate Interaction –

Contrary to popular belief that cats are solitary beings, they actually need a lot of human interaction for being their happy self. If your recently adopted cat’s nature is a bit on the frightened side, then you need to be extra gentle with them. You can even encourage them to play and interact by bringing out interactive toys like wands having dangly feathers. You can also take your single cat out of boredom by introducing them to new friends and encouraging companionship and exercise.

Changes In Household –

Your cat’s nature might be significantly affected by children leaving for college, divorce, the arrival of a new spouse and similar conditions in the place they know as home. In such a scenario, you can stay in sync with the behavioral changes of your kitty by offering welcoming attention for making them feel safe and secured.

Changes In Litter Or Food –

You can see considerable changes in your cats nature if you make sudden alterations in the same. Apart from just their brands and types, the very location in your house can also require considerable time to adjust with. Coming to litter boxes, it is always advisable to place the old one in its original position as you cat acclimatizes with the new one. You can also be in sync with your cat’s nature by moving the new litter box towards your desired location by a little bit every day especially if you lack a temporary box.

Illness –

Health conditions might cause your kitty to experience pain which makes them feel nauseated and they might not be their usual playful selves. Instances are not rare when you see severe deteriorations in your cat’s nature triggered by hormonal imbalance or deflating energy levels. The happiness meter of your otherwise friendly cat might get adversely affected by health conditions such as FIV, fatty liver disease, upper respiratory diseases, FeLV, hypothyroidism, diabetes, dental disease, etc. It is imperative to seek out expert help at the earliest if you feel that your kitty is sick.

Injuries –

You might see changes in your cat’s nature as their abilities get limited by injury and pain caused by the same. You thus need to be cautious about following the recommendations of your veterinarian as old surgeries can also lead to discomfort and lingering pain in your kitty causing the requirement of chronic pain relief.

Irrespective of the reason behind your cat’s depression or sadness, you need to provide them with extra attention and time until you can bring along improvement in your cat’s nature.

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