Top Reasons Why Cat’s Meow and Different Cat Sounds


Awww, so cute, adorable, cutie, so sweet, I want to take her house– if these are the words that come from your mouth when you see a cat, well, you are probably a cat lover.

Cats are the next happy thing to happen to people other than enjoying their favorite meal at a fancy restaurant. It has been seen, noticed and analyzed that cats are more loyal than dogs whereas some believe that cats are just too adorable to ignore.

Meanwhile, there are many reasons why cats are just adorable and at the same time way more better and cute pet than dogs-

#1 Cats Are Independent

If you love to vacation but cannot take your pet to the destined location, don’t worry- cats can be left by themselves for a while. All you need to do is to fill their place with enough food and water to let them sail through the time. Also, unlike dogs, cats don’t get anxiety when separated while leaving your house from tearing up. The first reason to have a cat pet soon.

#2 Yes, They Use The Bathroom

Messy hairs look good but messy home is a complete no-no. If you have a cat, you might not have faced the messy home situation till now. Yes, cats are easy to deal with. Your cat or soon to be adopted cat can be easily taught to use the bathroom or a real toilet. Isn’t it cool?

#3 Little Or No Exercise Needed

Unlike dogs, it is okay not to take your cat outside for a routine walk. Yes, cats don’t need regular walks outside. All they need is a sound sleep, food to eat and a small hangout. C’mon, they deserve a hangout once in a while from your busy schedule.

#4 Happy Cats And Kids

Similar to dogs, cats also love kids. A majority of cats are seen and observed good with kids along with letting kids carry them too. Well, there is a group of cats who don’t like the same.

#5 They Are Quiet

When comparing cats with dogs, the former ones are seen more quieter than dogs. Cats never meow louder to make a menace at home or when you have guests. They simply hide rather than jumping here and there.

#6 They Are Clean

Ever seen a dirty cat? Probably not. The reason is that cats bathe themselves leaving a little chance for you to give them a bath. Another plus is that they don’t smell bad, unlike dogs.

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When these were about their cute characteristics, there are few things very few people know about- their sounds.

We will take you through the journey.



The cat meow sound of an adult cat is meant to communicate with humans and is not for other cats around. These cats meowing sound by kittens are being made when they are in need of their mothers but fades as and when they become wild cats. Apart from that, cat meow sound also asks for attention or food or want to access to a room.

Furthermore, cats meowing also resembles loneliness or illness. And a longer “meow” sound indicates worry, annoyance or maybe objection to something.


The cat purring sounds made by cats indicate soft, throaty rumble, deep and are often made when they are happy or in their best mood. Next time, when you want to feel this cat purring sound essence, pat your cat when she nests in your lap.

Also, on several occasions, purr meaning can be portrayed through cats’ agitation. Purr shows that they are agitated for some reason. The purr with worry can be analyzed through the cat’s ears and body posture.

#3 Chirps

Cat sound chirp when they need your attention. Chirps are also another way to show that they need to check out something important.

#4 Chatter

Its a  cat sound that indicates a cat’s predatory excitement and irritation or stress of not being able to get the reward.

#5 Hiss

Hiss cat sound indicates that the cat is frightened and can revolt back if required. Along with the sound, you will notice her body language and posture. You might figure out an arched back, twitch tail, puffy hairs, flattened ears, open mouth, etc.

Meanwhile, this hissing sound differs as per the individual’s perception and level of comfort of the cat.

#6 Yowl

Cat voice Yowl is observed as a longer, drawn-out moan that indicates a cat’s discomfort, territorial concern or mating issues and worries. Meanwhile, if your cat shows an abnormal yawl, it might be a sign of illness. Take her to the veterinarian. Give your maximum attention to her when you are with her. Ensure she got an ample number of toys too.

#7 Caterwaul

This sound is often made by females for prospective mates. The sound is observed as a plain, hollow-sounding version of yowl.

#8 Growls And Snarls

These growls and snarls are the sign of anger, territorial threat or fear. When it comes to bigger cats like tiger, lions, the growls and snarls start from a higher pitch and end with a yowl whereas a cat shows the sign through her body posture. Through puffed up fur, back ears, twitching tail, arched back, you will get the notice of her fear. 

These are a few examples of cats’ sound and there are many others like a scream, breed talk and many more. Meanwhile, you are planning to adopt a cat soon, make sure you know what sound they make to offer them comfort too. 

Unlike dogs, you will always find your cat getting more scores in terms of cleanliness, sense, understanding, attention, emotional attachment, etc. Hence, a cat can never be a bad deal to have a friend. 

In a nutshell, such cute, little, fluffy cats want your attention, your time, and your playful manner. Never let them deprive of it as they will become your little friends to fill your monotonous time with good time and fun. With cat sounds, you will try to understand what they try to say when they make a different noise. Meanwhile, spending time with them for a period of time, you will get to know what they are trying to convey. 

Till then, adopt a cute flurry!

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