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Dry Food

Are you looking for Dry Food for your Cat?

Food is very essential food nutrients for your pet. It is a combination of tempting salmon and meat in the center which is out layered with crunchy chicken flavor. Cat’s Dry Food contains high-protein fibers which are very essential to keep or help your cat healthy, happy and energetic.

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Buy Dry Cat Food Online

Product Particulars:

  • The product is 20*15*3.5 inches and weighed 13.5 lb.
  • Dry Food For Cats are not available outside the US.
  • Keep in a dry and moisture free place.

Product Specifications:

  • Flavor contains salmon and chicken
  • Cat’s Dry Food contains 1 – 13.5 lb per bag
  • Double-textured kibble combines a tender center with a crunchy outer Layer.
  • Delightful Salmon and white meat flavor.
  • All the essential nutrition available that will support the overall health.
  • This is 100% balanced food for kittens as well as adult cats.

Dry Food Feeding guidelines:

  • Cat’s Heaviness between 5-9 lb: Daily ½-1 Cup
  • Cat’s weight between 10-14 lb: Daily 1-1 ½ Cup
  • You can use the Measuring Cup to measure Cat’s Dry Food.
  • Every morning serving will allow your cat to crumb free whole day. The serving amount should be given as per the cat’s age and activity level. Mixed Dry food with any food over the course of 7-10 days.
  • Kittens should serve 2 times than the adult supplies.
  • A pregnant or nursing cat should serve 2-4 times than the adult supplies.
  • Water is very essential for everyone. Even to the human beings as well as to the animals as well.
  • While Eating Cat’s Dry Food, Serve a fresh bowl of water every day to cats.
  • A healthy diet, exercise, games, and proper veterinary care are the best way to keep your cat healthier and energetic. Your cat needed a regular check-up, so should go to the veterinary doctor every 12 months.
  • Changes in the diet of cat are very beneficial because consumption of one food regularly will decrease the energy of the cat.

I would strongly recommend Dry Food For my Feline. As I am used to trying a different brand of Cat Dry Food. After eating this food, my cat didn’t like any other food as it will be her favorite food.

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