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Laser Cat Toy

Does your cat love to play with lights of Laser Cat Toy?

The Cat is infamously difficult to play as it is very difficult to search those toys which engage them more than 5mintues. Cat owners spend lots of money buying toys, but cats always want to play with their own instead of toys. Very fewer cats love to play with toys, even then toys should be interactive enough to keep up the entertainment. The Laser Cat Toy is one of the most liking toys among the cats. Somehow, liking and not liking is totally depends on cat’s nature. Laser light is very cheap and affordable.

Cat owners should take care of that laser pointer shouldn’t be directed on the cat. The Cat might hurt themselves while chasing the light. So, it’s recommended to keep the laser pointer on the floor.

Laser Cat Toy

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Laser Cat Toy – Product Description:

  • The Laser Cat Toy is safe to play as it needed only alkaline Batteries.
  • The toy automatically turns off after 15 minutes in order to prevent your cat from being over-pressured and keep the excitement on.
  • Laser points dance on the floor and walls so that cats can play and chase the laser light.
  • The Laser Cat Toy is of Superior quality and one year of guarantee.
  • We can manually on/off the switch of laser light.
  • Two modes are available on this product, one is manual mode through which we can control the laser patterns and the automatic mode in which cat can play their own.
  • Laser Cat Toy is Easy to use and the cat will dance on the laser pointer.

Product Details:

  • The Product Dimensions are 2.8*2.8*8.5 inches and 8-ounce weight.
  • 4AA Batteries required, which is not coming with this product.
  • Laser Cat Toy requires 5mW max power output.

My Opinion is cats love the random patterns of laser light. They play with them more than an hour. They chase and try to catch laser light on the floor, on walls or on furniture. Automatic mode helps to keep up the excitement in cats. Buy Laser Cat toy online, you will get at home and gift a surprise to your cat.

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