Tips Of Grooming Your Kitty Using The Right Products

Tips Of Grooming Your Kitty

A good grooming session never fails to rejuvenate us and this also holds true in the case of our four-legged felines. Cats are extremely fastidious by nature and you are bound to have seen your kitty licking herself clean ‘n’ number of times a day. Although they can very well take care of themselves for most of the part, your assistance might be required for taking up a much more holistic approach towards cats grooming.

At the end of the day, both you and your kitty should have a good time out of the grooming session. This is why it is imperative to schedule the same after an eating or exercise session when your cat is looking for ways of relaxation. It is important to present a positive picture of your cats grooming session and thus you should never take it up with a foul temper. If you are coming home after a hectic and stressful day at work, then it is better to pass on the grooming session to the next day.

Your first grooming session should be kept limited to just 5 to 10 minutes. You can slowly lengthen the time of cats grooming until your pet gets habituated with the routine. It is also essential to develop a habit of petting every single part of your cat inclusive of its tail, ears, back, belly and feet so that they get used to handling. Since most cats do not like taking baths, you might require the help of another person while carrying out your cats grooming. It is also essential to pile on the praise and offer some kitty treats once the session is over. Enough said, let us now take a look at the products which can be of assistance while carrying out the grooming session.

Brushing –


Your pet’s hair can be kept in best condition through this effective means of cats grooming which removes dirt, prevents tangles, spreads natural oils throughout their coat and keeps their skin clean and free from irritants. If your cat has short hair, then you will require a metal comb for brushing through its fur once a week from head to tail. Next, you will require a rubber or bristle brush for carrying out your cats grooming by removing loose and dead hair. You need to be extra-gentle while dealing with their belly and chest portion.

Long haired kitties will require brushing almost every day. You can start by untangling all knots in their belly and legs. Next, you need to brush the fur using a rubber brush or bristle in an upward motion. The final step of cats grooming is brushing their tail by parting it at the middle.

Bathing –


Your furry friend can definitely benefit out of a bathing session if they get into something sticky or smelly or their coat becomes oily or greasy. In such a scenario, you can primarily brush your cat for removing all dead hair. The next step in cats grooming comprises of ensuring a secured footing by placing a rubber bath mat in the tub or sink. Your kitty has to be then placed in a sink which has been filled up to 4 inches with lukewarm water.

A spray hose can be used to make your pet thoroughly wet while being cautious of not spraying directly into its ears, nose or eyes. You can also make use of an unbreakable cup or larger plastic pitcher for this step of cats grooming if you do not have a spray hose. The shampoo should be gently massaged while working from its head to tail. You will be required to rinse your kitty thoroughly using the pitcher or spray hose and dry them up using a large towel.

Apart from making your cat look good, grooming can also tag along a plethora of health benefits and even strengthen your bonding with your pet.

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