Tips To Make Your Cat’s Christmas Special


Christmas stands out as one of the most anticipated events of the year when sparkly lights and delicious food fill up the streets as we visit our near and dear ones for spending precious time with them and convey greetings. Maybe this is why we wish to include our furry friends in all the joyous activities although it is imperative to note here that all our plans might not suit them well. Keeping such things in mind, we have formulated a guide in regards to the things you need to remember while making preparations for the arrival of Santa Claus in a cat-friendly manner.

Christmas decorations are filled with glitters which your furry friends are bound to feel captivated to from the very onset. You can further heighten the enjoyment by planning some additional treats for your kitty to making him feel special as he gets to become a part of the festive cheer. The first thing to take care of in the decoration aspect is the shrub wherein you need to make sure that no easily-breakable ornaments are hung on the lower half. It is also advisable to place the tree in a room wherein you spend the lion’s share of your time to avoid catastrophes triggered by your cat.


You can even place some of your cat’s favorite toys either under or near the Christmas tree and place a blanket underneath for him to cuddle on the same. The market is filled with plethora of festive gifts which can make your cat feel happy and loved. You can take your pick amongst a new bed, special cat milk, a new chew toy, new scratching post and even some fancy food. It is advisable to purchase the present in accordance with cat’s personality, i.e. whether he is playful or lazy. The internet is also filled with tonnes of ideas in case if you are in the mood of presenting your kitty with homemade toys this Christmas.

You can make special dishes or buy the same from shops either once or twice during the December weeks to delight your kitty’s taste buds. In this way, your favorite feline can feel the holiday joy and spirit as he gets to devour on sumptuous meat or fish treats. However, amidst all these merriment, you need to spend adequate time with your cat by playing with him. In this way, he can have loads of fun following a hearty meal without adding to the calorie meter. And once you are done with the gaming session, you can let your cat snuggle up next to you in the bed or couch as you play some of the Christmas special movies or read your favorite novels with a cup of steaming hot chocolate.

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While bringing home some season special plants, it is advisable to avoid plants which might trigger illness and similar fatalities on being swallowed or chewed. In case if you can’t imagine the festive season without these plants, then it is advisable to bring home silk versions of the same. You need to be specially beware of plants such as ivy, poinsettia, holly berries, mistletoe, yew etc. Your kitty might even feel tempted by string or tinsel which can wreak havoc in their digestive system on being consumed. While planning your Christmas snacks, you need to look at the warning signs and keep abreast of the ones which can prove to be hazardous to your pet’s health.  

Snow globes consist of ethylene glycol which is also known by the name of antifreeze and can prove to be highly toxic to cats. Even if there is no danger if your cat leaves it alone, it can prove to be fatal if they knock it over or lick these hazardous items. Glass ornaments can also prove to be dangerous on being knocked over as your cat might injure his paw on broken glass shreds. It is also advisable to avoid candles while planning your Christmas decoration unless you are present round the clock while they are lit. Artificial snow which serves as an important ingredient of decoration during festive season can also harm your cats on being consumed. You can thus opt for soft fabric decorations such as paper, velvet, felt or cardboard for decorating your mantelpiece. Special colorful stockings can also be used for being filled up with kitty treats which can be thereafter introduced to your cat to make him feel loved during the joyous season of merriment.

While Christmas dinner stands out as the main highlight of the festive season comprising of delicious turkey along with roast potatoes, trimmings of pigs in blanket and stuffed vegetables, your cat’s digestive system might not take these rich food items very well. The high fat content of these meals is bound to create stomach troubles for your kitty in case if you decide to share some turkey with your feline friend. Although a little bite of turkey breast is alright, fatty pieces might trigger negative tummy results especially if the turkey is under-cooked. Turkey splinter and bones can even cause throat and digestive system blockages making it imperative to remove all bones from the turkey before feeding the same to your cat.

Christmas meals also include chocolate which can prove to be toxic for your cats. You need to seek out immediate veterinary help if your feline friend accidentally consumes any. Given the fact that inquisitiveness is an inherent nature of cats, you need to make sure that no wrapped chocolates are left under the tree amongst the pile of presents. Grapes and raisins which are important part of cakes and mince pies can trigger kidney failure on being consumed by cats. Alcohol can also prove to be dangerous on being consumed in small quantities. You can thus purchase treats which have been made specially for your kitty from the nearest gourmet shops.

Although your cat might not make out whether or not you plan any special gift for your cat this Christmas, you are bound to feel happy from the core on doing the same. And if you feel that it is necessary to splurge your wallet for doing the same, then you are totally mistaken as something as simple as a pile of boxes can light up your cat’s eyes.

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