What Cats Do All Day – Explain A Cat’s Day Routine


We understand how painful it is to leave behind your furry friend at home every day while going to work. That’s the irony of life and you really need to go out and earn your living to ensure a comfortable life for both of you. But we bet you often think about what do cats do all day when left all alone at home and that is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Here is Cat’s Daily Routine

  • For starters, cats absolutely love to sleep. It might amuse you, but your furry friend finds it perfectly normal to sleep for 12 to 16 hours daily. If you ask us, why does cats sleep so much, then we won’t be able to provide you with a proper answer as we ourselves are clueless about the same. It’s something which is embedded in their system.
  • One of the biggest behavioural aspects of cats is their inherent curiosity. The daily cat’s routine comprises of first searching for you after you leave the house. They do it by sniffing around and vigilantly observing their surrounding environment for a couple of minutes. Once they are done observing, they will start with their secret exploration antics.
  • A unique aspect of domestic cat behaviour is that they like having their very own secret stash of objects and add to the collection every now and then with maybe a bottle cap or your hairpin. The most preferred spot of your cat for hiding these objects are behind a wardrobe, beneath the couch or between furniture.
  • Have you ever wondered about what breed is your cat? Do check on its family history and you will come to know about its hunting ancestry. Cats were great predators previously but now they have slowly given up on hunting as food is readily offered by their humans. But if your cat has access to the outdoor world, its hunting side is bound to come out.

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Irrespective of the kind of cat you have, it becomes necessary to engage it in ample activities indoors especially if you wish to bar its outdoor movements. You can pamper him with a small toy mouse which will encourage its movement and help to fight off boredom, especially when you are not around. It becomes super easy to monitor domestic cat behaviour by making them chase a remotely controlled toy.

  • Once you leave home, your cat terribly misses you and awaits your return. You might actually catch your furry friend sitting still next to the windowpane and scanning the garage or yard in search of their favourite human. So, this answers another potent question pertaining to what do cats do all day especially when you are away at work.
  • Cats have a tendency of getting bored pretty easily. The chances of your cat succumbing to boredom increases if you stay apart for long stretches of time. In such cases, you might find significant changes in your domestic cat behaviour as it spends the entire day just laying around and doing absolutely nothing. You can thus try and spend as much time as possible with your cat after coming home to alleviate all anxiety issues it might be facing.
  • Cats love to eat especially when you are not around. So, if you are wondering what do cats do all day, then eating can occupy a top spot on your feline’s list. The main reason behind this is the hunter background of your cat which causes it to stay alert at all times for fighting off other predators which might try to snatch its meal.


Domestic cat behaviour is a unique topic of study. But just like humans, these felines will also start trusting and showering you with love over time. You can bank on different cat accessories available online to ease out this procedure. Also, don’t forget to share your experience by write for us about your cats and how they like spending their day.

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